Ventilation solutions for your roof space

Roof ventilation is an easy and cost effective way to reduce temperature build up and the impact of moisture in your roof space. 

Sydney Roofers offers a huge range of natural and powered roof ventilation solutions to help improve your comfort and reduce your cooling energy costs.

Roof WhirlyBirds & Ventilations

Are you looking for the best ways to improve your roof ventilation? Are you asking yourself, do whirlybirds really work? We all know that wherever you are in Australia, the weather can get pretty hot. And even during the winter months, the sunny days can cause the attic portion of your home to get really warm, providing an ideal place for mould and mildew to flourish.

To keep your home comfortable and free of harmful mould, you need to improve the air circulation, and the best way to do that is by drawing heated air up and out of your roof. Vented electric fans are one solution – but because they need to be run on a fairly regular basis, they can be costly. Whirlybirds are another option, and since they use no electricity, they’ve proven pretty popular.

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A wind driven, roof mounted, aluminium ventilator designed to exhaust heat & moisture from the roof space of a home, without the use of electrical energy.


A wind driven, roof mounted, quality polymer based ventilator to exhaust heat & moisture from the roof space of a home.


A wind powered ventilator with a clear acrylic head designed to both exhaust heat and moisture, and provide natural light to the roof space and storage areas.

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