Roof Painting Sydney

Has your rooftop faded over the years, or been affected by severe weather? Here at Sydney Roofers we can give your roof a new look with our professional roof painting service.

Roof painting will indeed change the look of your roof and give it a new colour to match your tastes or the new look of your house, or improve its look by making it look clean and shiny, it will also provide a protective layer that will provide better protection to your roof tiles against rain and hail and will protect your roof from extreme heat. This protective layer will increase your roof longevity.

Roof Tiles

Roof Painting Services

Here at Sydney Roofers, We offer outstanding roof painting services that will help you keep your roof in great condition and keep your home safe from the most challenging weather conditions.

Sydney Roofers uses the highest quality products that will protect your roof for long period of time. Our tradesmen will find the most suitable solution to your roofing needs.

What Type of Roof is Suitable for Painting?

Painting is suitable for several common roof types, including concrete roof tiles, Terracotta roof tiles and metal roofs such as Colorbond®. Sydney Roofers is one of the few companies in Australia that specialises in painting terracotta tiled roofs. For many years this was considered all but impossible to well, but advances in primers and sealers mean we can now promise you excellent, long lasting results.