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Roof Repairs Turramurra

Our roofs are something we rarely think about, that is until something goes wrong. A small roof problem can turn into a big home disaster if not fixed in time. If you can identify the problem quickly, the easier it will be to control the situation, saving you money.

If you’re not familiar with common roofing problems, this might help you identify if you have one and how to take care of it. See a few common roofing problems and what you should do to fix them.

Some roofing problems need attention sooner rather than later. If you’re concerned that you may have roofing damage, contact Sydney Roofers for a free quote in Turramurra.

Sydney Roofers

Turramurra New South Wales

Keeping Turramurra Covered 24/7 

Here at Sydney Roofers Turramurra we offer quality roofing services in Turramurra and the surrounding areas.

So whether you need a roof restoration service in Turramurra, have repairs to an existing roof or chimney, or would like to improve your properties insulation, please consider Sydney Roofers Turramurra branch first.

We restore, clean and repair a number of types of roofing, including Terracotta Roofing, Concrete Roofing, Metal Roofing, and Colorbond Roofing across Turramurra. We also provide advice, installation and repair services for roof insulation, guttering, fascias, and offer a chimney repair service.

With a 10 year guarantee on all our work you can trust our service to never let you down. Coupled with our extensive relevant accreditation and highly trained team of roofers, you get peace of mind and total protection when you work with Sydney Roofers Turramurra Branch.

Leaking Roof Turramurra

If you suspect you have a leaky roof in Turramurra, it’s important to act fast. Water damage over time can be costly not just to the roof, but to the entire home. One of the first signs of a leaky roof is a water stain, maybe in a ceiling or an exterior wall. When you see this happen, don’t wait to start  roof repairs. An early sign of a leaking roof might also be missing.

Sydney Roofers will help you find the source of the problem and fix it. Spotting a leak can be a scary thing for a homeowner. As a preventive measure, you may want to have your roof examined once a year to ensure it’s in the best shape.

Roof Ventilation Problems

Proper roof ventilation is needed in any climate for overall temperature control throughout your home in Turramurra, specifically in the attic. Older homes may not have the proper ventilation needed to maintain temperature control for both the attic and the roof. This can cause issues for the roof as the weather changes.

There are many roofing vents available that function differently. Contact Sydney Roofers who can help you find the right solution for your home.

Moss On Roof

Of all the critters that might call a roof home, pigeons are the most likely. Many like to make their nest in your overhangs, vents or joints. While they may seem harmless at first, the debris they bring can damage your roof and gutters, not to mention their waste will make your roof look dirty.

Block off any potential nesting spots on your roof. Some homeowners invest in a fake owl or predator bird, as this often helps scare them away. If your pigeon problem on the roof persists, you may want to contact Sydney Roofers for a solution.

Roof Flashing Problems

Faulty roof flashing can be another reason why your roof is leaking and should be repaired promptly. Roof flashing is a weatherproof barrier between the different joints in the roof, such as near the chimney. Over time, it can warp or become damaged.

Some roof flashing fixes in Turramurra can be done yourself with a patching material you can pick up at your local Turramurra hardware store. However, depending on the height and pitch of the roof, you may want to contact a Sydney Roofers contractor who can complete the job safely. Also, a regular roof inspection will help identify any damage to your flashing before it becomes a problem.

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