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Roof restorations are the ultimate in bringing your roof back to as-new condition. Whether it is a tile roof or metal roof, we can repair and restore any roof. For roof restoration in Chatswood that is done to an excellent standard, contact sydney roofers.

We’re professional Chatswood-based roofing experts that offer solutions for all your roofing requirements in Chatswood. From roofing repairs, roof re-bedding  Chatswood  and roof re-pointing Chatswood  of ridge capping, to a complete roof restoration in Chatswood, you can count on us to get the job done.

Roof restoration in Chatswood  is not just a ‘quick fix’ paint job to make your roof look pretty. It is professional roof restoration work to restore a roof to its original condition.

With all restoration work, the preparation is the single most important stage. Unfortunately, it is also the most neglected stage of many roof restorations in Chatswood. We are often asked to remedy work, which has been poorly prepared. Sadly, this is often an unnecessary extra expense, which the homeowner has to meet.


A Tile Roof Restoration is a service where we thoroughly clean, repair and re-coat your tile roof. In many cases, a tile roof needs more than just a few repairs.  Should little maintenance have been carried out on your roof (especially with the hot Chatswood climate and the damage to roof tiles from the heat), it is likely you will have broken tiles, mouldy tiles and missing roof tiles.

Rather than carrying out roof repairs year after year, it is recommended you arrange to have a complete tile roof restoration. The roof restoration will take care of all existing issues, leaving you with a roof which looks brand new and comes with a 8 year warranty.

Concrete Roof Before Restoration
Concrete Roof After Restoration

Roof Restoration’s 10 Step Procedure for Superior Roof Restoration

  • Replace all broken tiles and ridge caps

  • Check and secure all flashings.

  • Source and rectify all reported leaks.

  • Ensure all surrounding objects are removed or covered to prevent damage. i.e. cars and patio furniture.

  • High pressure clean all dirt, moss and lichen from the roof.

  • Re-bed ridge capping where necessary and re-point all ridge capping with flexible pointing compound.

  • Seal roof with primer/sealer.

  • Coat roof with two coats of roof membrane in your choice of colour.

  • Clean up any dirt and grime, clean out gutters and down pipes.

  • We will also leave you some coated spare tiles.

Our roof restoration process usually takes two to three days to complete, weather permitting. As part of our quality assurance the preparation and coating is a two-part process and may be completed in separate procedures.

When should I consider roof restoration in Chatswood?

Your roof would normally need a restoration when your roofing material becomes old and weathered. Your tiles or metal sheeting will start to deteriorate and develop constant problems such as cracks, lifting, or leaks. It’s recommended to invest in the restoration of your roof as soon as it’s needed, to avoid spending much more on a neglected roof in the long run.

Top 5 Signs Your Need A Tile Roof Restoration

If you haven’t been outside and taken a good look at your tile roof, make sure you do. Should you notice any of the warning signs listed below, call Sydney Roofers in Chatswoodto arrange for a free roof inspection & quote (before any further roof damage occurs)

  • Slipped or Broken roof tiles

  • Roof leaks

  • Rusting

  • Excessive damage

  • Mould or spores on roof tiles


Metal roofs are known to deteriorate over time from fading, oxidisation or rust, especially when exposed to Chatswood harsh weather conditions. When these signs of ageing start to show on your roof, that dull and neglected look take away from your home’s street appeal.

This doesn’t mean you need to consider a total metal roof replacement. A metal roof restoration with Sydney Roofers - Roof Restoration Chatswood can be a long-lasting solution that will enhance the overall appearance of your home without the expense of other roofing options available in the market today.

Whether you have a Colorbond, Corrogated Iron, Galvanised Iron, Trimdek, Kliplock, Zincalume or metal tiled roof, Sydney Roofers - Roof Restoration Chatswood are here to provide a hassle-free experience with a metal roof restoration.

Metal roofs can also allow heat penetration, resulting in a hotter home during the summer months. Using a professional roof membrane Coating, we can provide you a heat reflective solution for a cooler home and reduction in energy saving costs. 

Give your home a new roof look with a metal roof restoration by Sydney Roofers today.

Chatswood Metal Roof Restoration 10 Step Procedure

  • Secure roof against all possible leaks.

  • Check for rust patches, then clean and treat with rust converter.

  • Check and secure flashings.

  • Check all roofing screws and replace if necessary.

  • High pressure clean entire roof to remove all dirt, oxidisation, etc.

  • Clean and flush out all gutters and downpipes.

  • Spray entire roof with metal roof primer coat.

  • Spray entire roof with 2 x top roof membrane coat.

  • Our metal roof restoration includes to coat vent pipes, flashings, valley irons, etc.

  • Leave site clean and tidy on completion of work.

Are you ready for your metal roof to look brand new again? Why not give us a call to arrange for an assessment. Call 1800 793 766 or fill up your details using our secure quote request form and we will call you right back.


Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home’s exterior. It keeps you warm and dry during bad weather and ensures that pests like rodents and birds don’t invade your home. Moreover, a well-maintained roof helps to keep your household’s energy where it should be (inside your home).

That’s why it’s important to ensure your roof remains in good condition. Although you don’t always see it, the value your roof provides cannot be understated. As such, roof restoration, which involves repainting, repairing and cleaning, offers many benefits.


Chatswood is known for its extreme weather conditions i.e. winds, hail storms and blistering heat waves. They weaken the structural integrity of the roof. While it may not mean that your roof is going to collapse today, it means that eventually your roof is going to need some maintenance performed on it.

Not acting on issues you have now can make things a lot worse in future, causing you a fair amount of out of pocket expenses. 

A roof restoration will prolong the life of your roof and negate the need for expensive repairs, or even a full replacement, in the future. For instance, an experienced roofing contractor will inspect your roof before work begins to locate areas of potential weakness. That means they will identify cracked or broken tiles, or unsecured metal sheeting, both of which can allow the elements in. As a result, investing in a roof restoration can add years to your roof’s lifespan.


If you’re selling in the near future, roof restoration can help you sell your house quicker and at a higher price.

If your Chatswood roof is looking a little old and weathered, A roof restoration can bring it back to life. This is particularly important if you are selling, because it increases the aesthetic of your home.

Buyers who see a house in need of a roofing repair are less likely to purchase it because it diminishes the curb appeal and is seen as an added cost to the price of the home.


Home damage comes in many forms, but one of the most troublesome is a water leak that allows moisture into the home through the roof.

When a roof deteriorates or is not properly sealed, water can easily find its way in and once it’s in, it will wreak havoc. If the roof is not restored, the house suffers from water damage and the growth of mould.

A roof restoration can easily remedy this problem by ensuring that all of the tiles are in place and that the roof is sealed as it should be. This also eliminates the cost of repairing damage due to water.


Replacing your roof is a considerable investment. Labor costs and the cost of materials are substantial. Restoring your roof, on the other hand, demands less labor and materials. With the cost savings, you can enhance other different sections of your home. Cost-saving is a significant benefit more so when your budget is low. 


Over the years a build up of dirt, moss and lichen will occur. How much so depends on the roof product, any coating it may have and the age of the roof. How bad it looks depends on the contrast between the dirt, moss and lichen and the color of the roof. Lightly colored roofs will show the effects of dirt build up much more than say a black or charcoal coloured roof.

While moss and lichen build up is normal and a little can look appealing to some on say a slate tile roof, a major build up on a terracotta roof could lead to some issues down the line. As the moss and lichen can grow between tiles and over the bedding/pointing which can lead to cracking. This can create voids which in an extreme case can lead to water/rodents penetrating your roof and capping tiles coming away.

Moss and lichen building up on a Colorbond roof Chatswoodnot cleaned for an extended period can cause premature ageing of the surface of the metal. This is because the moss and lichen eats into the bonded paint, damaging the coating and leaving a mark. Once the lichen has taken hold, stains from where it bonded to the roof will remain after roof cleaning Chatswood. This is why it is important to have your roof cleaned when you see mossy cauliflowers forming on the surface.

Sydney Roofers in Chatswood will assess the condition of your roof thoroughly before commencing any roof cleaning operations and provide you will an assessment detailing our recommendations.

There are a lot of one-man operations in Chatswood offering roof cleaning services. Don’t risk it and have your roof professionally cleaned by Sydney Roofers in Chatswood.

Mouldy Terracotta Roof
Terracotta Roof After Cleaning
Terracotta Roof Before Cleaning
Terracotta Roof After Cleaning

Our Roof Cleaning Service

Our Chatswood roof cleaning services  includes: concrete, terracotta, and metal roof cleaning. Some roofs cannot be cleaned such as asbestos roofs.

Having your roof cleaned will not only improve its visual appearance, but can also increase the longevity of the roofing material. We are experts in roof cleaning and understand what works for each roof type.

Before any roof cleaning activity, we thoroughly inspect the integrity of the roof. Where you have broken tiles or broken bedding or pointing, these will need to be addressed first. On a metal roof, care needs to be taken not to blast water under flashing’s and capping. Where your roof has penetrations such as an air conditioner, solar panel, heating and ventilation units, proper care needs to be taken to avoid damages.

For your roof cleaning service in Chatswood simply give us a call on 1800 793 766. Alternatively you can complete quote form and one of our friendly staff will be in touch shortly.

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